Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly pulls 10/17/12

I feel like I am doing this post later and later each week. I am sorry to all of my readers. This week was especially busy due to my having a taste of the flu, recording The Panel Scanners episode 6 (we haven't posted it yet), trying to learn Heroclix and being busy doing progress reports and a ton of grading for my job as a teacher.

With all of that said, I have also been slacking on my Amazing Spider-Man retro reviews. I intend to get to issue 100 (I am on issue 98 right now) and then do a big review for that portion of the reading. After I do that I am taking a short hiatus from reading ASM to re-read Avengers vs X-Men from beginning to end so that I can have a fresh on the mind review of the whole event. As of right now I am not really happy due to the ending but feel if I read it all again I may come out with some fresh new insights. Not only will I do a review of that here on my blog, I will also do a rant/argument/discussion with Jonny and Darren on The Panel Scanners episode 7. I have given myself a month to read something that spread over six...wish me luck.

On to this week in Marvel comics. I am a little torn about some of my issues ending but am DEFINITELY happy to see my wallet getting less drained each month. So far I have averaged about six comics a WEEK this month due to AvX consequences, new Marvel NOW comics and Minimum Carnage. I am always happy to have a lot to read, but I limit myself on how much "free" money I have to spend in a month and this is starting to push it. Curse my love for comics....

This week was no different than the last few, I obtained six new comics, most of which were quite good. The pulls for the week are as follows:

AvX: Consequences #2
Hawkeye #3
The New Avengers #31
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16
Uncanny X-Men #20 (THE LAST ISSUE!!!!!)
Venom #26 (Minimum Carnage part 3)

As you can see, there is one cancelled comic in that pull as well as a mini-series (that needs to end already). As always, my reviews are to follow this post and I will update my AvX reading order. I have a few comments to respond to as well. Until then, happy reading!

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  1. You should still consider Captain Marvel.. although this weeks art was atrocious :/