Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekly pulls for 10/24/12

Another week in comics, another week closer to Amazing Spider-Man #700 and most importantly, another week closer to AvX coming to a close. One of my readers brought it to my attention that my reviews for AvX during the run were relatively positive and he/she (they were anonymous) wanted to know why I was being so negative post-event. I wanted to reiterate here that I didn't hate the event as a whole. Matter of fact, now that I am re-reading it, the event itself is not bad at all. The ending was just felt a little bit like a cheat and AvX Consequences is dragging its feet...but I will get into that here soon when I review the whole event once it is completely re-read. I currently just finish Round 5 so I am about halfway there.

My pulls this week, once again, were hefty and numerous. I think the other reason I am looking forward to AvX ending is because of all of the extra issues it has forced (not too reluctantly but still) into my hands. This week alone, post-event of course, there were two AvX issues and since I have been collecting thus far, I picked them up. I really will need to re-evaluate my pull list once this event is over, I read the new Marvel NOW! number 1's so that I am reading more concise titles that I really care about. I clung to a few titles I am not certain I would have because they have been attached to AvX. Regardless, that was personal preference and I know what must be done...

Moving past that, I am still enjoying my venture back into the world of comic books. I am excited for what Marvel is bringing to the table in the near future but I am starting to get an itch to spread my wings and see other things that are out there. One of the two guys I am doing the podcast with (Jonny) is still heavily reading DC and it seems that "The Death of the Family" storyline going on with the Batman titles seems solid. Other other guy in the podcast (Darren) is reading a lot more independent books and there are a couple there that are drawing my eye. We'll see what the future holds. For now, I am focusing on Marvel and hoping that Marvel NOW! brings some solid comics to the table.

On that note, the comics that I acquired this week were not too shabby:

The Amazing Spider-Man #696 (The Goblin War begins!)
Avengers #32
AvX: A-Babies vs X-Babies #1 (Obviously goofy, a lot of fun)
AvX: Consequences #3
Gambit #4
Secret Avengers #33

I shall move on to the reviews now and I will add AvX: Consequences to the AvX reading order when I am done. If you would like, head over here and give The Panel Scanners episode 6 a listen. We were a little off our game this time and I still haven't listened to it...but it should be fun regardless! We are talking about COMICS! Until then my friends, happy reading.

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